Excellence in Environmental Policy Award from Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi

What an incredible year and week. One year ago I began working in my dream job as the Section Manager of Marine Policy, Planning and Regulations at the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi. This week, as part of agency’s Al Dana Excellence Awards, I was humbled to receive an award for technical excellence in Environmental Policy. It was a privilege as part of the prizegiving to be able to meet the Environment Agency’s Chairman, His Highness, Sheikh Hamdan, himself.

Winston Cowie meets His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan

It was also a privilege to meet His Highness Sheikh Al Nuaimi of Ajman, the Green Sheikh.

Winston Cowie and His Highness Sheikh Al Nuaimi, the Green Sheikh

A pretty awesome experience. I can honestly say I am passionate about my job and love going to work every day. I am part of a phenomenal team with visionary leaders and motivated staff who all work incredibly hard to develop outstanding outcomes for both biodiversity and society in Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

 One of those proud moments where you pinch yourself.

“Waking up every day knowing that your actions, no matter how small or large, are going to have a positive outcome on nature, society, someone or something isn’t work at all; it is the very essence of public service, of humanity. The tide will still go in and out; the sun and moon will rise and set; it is the legacy of your positive actions that remain; such is the joy of working in the service of people and our planet.”

And that’s what it should be all about I reckon. Good things for people and our planet.

Onwards and upwards.

Mauri ora,