Greenstone Trail is now available on Apple Ibooks….and receiving excellent reviews

Greenstone Trail is now available on Apple Ibooks….and receiving excellent reviews

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The New Zealand historical fiction novel Greenstone Trail by New Zealand author Winston Cowie, in addition to being available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle, is now available on Apple Ibooks. This means that you can download the Ibooks app for free, purchase Greenstone Trail and read it on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad! You can read Greenstone Trail by Winston Cowie any time, anywhere, with your idevice! How awesome is that!

To purchase Greenstone Trail on Amazon Kindle, click here.

To download the ibooks app for free, click here. 

And to purchase Greenstone Trail by Winston Cowie from ibooks, simply type in ‘Greenstone Trail’ and you will be on your way to learning about the fascinating and largely unknown New Zealand Land Wars of the 1860s, written in an interesting historical fiction style.

To booklovers in New Zealand, you can purchase one of the few original hard copies of ‘A Flame Flickers in the Darkness,’ from which the ‘Greenstone Trail’ and ‘Flames Flicker’ ebooks are based, via Fishpond by clicking here.  Great for a January and February read under the pohutukawa.

A note, you have to be in New Zealand to order a hard copy.

Recent reviews of Greenstone Trail by Winston Cowie

I am chuffed to have received the following recent reviews from fans, from New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Germany, who have read Greenstone Trail.

“Any Kiwis who enjoy Wilbur Smith novels should definitely read the New Zealand historical fiction novels Greenstone Trail and Flames Flicker by Winston Cowie (formerly the epic novel ‘A Flame Flickers in the Darkness’). Not just a good adventure story, it retells a very colourful and difficult period of New Zealand’s history. The struggles faced by both the indigenous Maori and the European settlers are captured in a very balanced way, through warrior Whero and Irish settler Jack, two young men on an inevitable collision course to conflict.”

Matt Smith, Auckland, New Zealand

“History buffs will enjoy the genuinely well researched scenes in which the story plays out, covering the First Taranaki War, the Invasion of the Waikato, events on the Chatham Islands and The Second Taranaki War. Cameo appearances by characters such as Tawhiao (the second Maori king), Gustavus von Tempsky, and Governor Grey give the story a fascinating edge, and bring the struggles, successes, and some critically important moments of New Zealand’s early settler history to life.

Adventurous and romantic types will also get their kicks from the story (for which I shall not give away any more).

Above all, the book will leave you with a great feeling for the times, the mentality and stoic nature of both Maori and early European settlers, and a proudness of New Zealand’s own unique heritage.

If only New Zealand history and literature was this interesting in high school!

I’ve recommended it to many, and after reading it you’ll do the same.”

Murray Whyte, Dusseldorf, Germany

“Winston, I just wanted to write to tell you how much I enjoyed your book “A Flame Flickers in the Darkness,” which is now “Greenstone Trail” and “Flames Flicker”. It’s the first book I remember reading that conjures up such vivid images of what New Zealand must have been like in the early days of settlement. The characters were all real, most likeable, some inspirational. The war scene were brutal, the love scenes raunchy and the action scenes thrilling. Among that the story gave me a whole new perspective on my home province, the mighty Taranaki, which features prominently. It adds a whole new meaning to the many Pa sites we drive by everyday here, not to mention the shadow of the historic site “Marsland Hill” which we are lucky enough to live in. It certainly wasn’t easy to put the book down once I picked it up. I can’t say how much I am looking forward to your next book – I agree you are just like a young Wilbur Smith. Thanks for such a great read.”

Wayne Balsom, Taranaki, New Zealand

“Winston has developed two strong characters in Whero and Jack and weaves a fascinating story around these two in a novel that mixes fiction with historical events during the turmoil of the New Zealand Land Wars / Maori Wars and early settlement of New Zealand. I thoroughly enjoyed the novel particularly the way the historical elements were interwoven through the book (as I had only previously learned about these in rather tedious fashion at school).”

James Miller, Auckland, New Zealand

“I was hooked and unable to put the book down until it was finished. My knowledge of New Zealand history was patchy at best, but this engaging read was a great way to whet the appetite to learn more. The central characters were so well developed, you felt you were there with them as their journey took many twists and turns throughout the book. Taken purely as a novel the book was very well written and easy to follow, however the fact it is a historical novel takes it to a different level; but more importantly for me it has been written by my mate and I am proud to say it was a ‘Great Read’! Here’s to the next piece of literary work from Winnie, I look forward to reading it.”

Tim Stevens, Oxford University Rugby Football Club, United Kingdom

“Not normally an historical novel reader I was totally absorbed in the story from start to finish and soon realised my NZ history was very lacking. But what a wonderful way to learn the some history of our country. I loved the characters and found they really brought the historical facts to life. In fact I still find, now a year later, that parts of the story and the characters pass through my thoughts especially when travelling around different parts of the country.”

Raewyn Buddle, Wellington, New Zealand

More reviews can be viewed at the reviews page. Please feel free to send me your thoughts on my novels, via the ‘Reviews’ page. I would love to hear from you.

Happy holidays.

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Winston Cowie

New Zealand author et al