Journal of Archaeological Science accepts academic paper on New Zealand’s oldest shipwreck. Waikaretu Marae, Pouto, support our “Mystery at Midge Bay documentary.”

Journal of Archaeological Science accepts Midge Bay Shipwreck paper

I am proud to announce that an academic paper I have co-authored has been accepted in the prestigious “Journal of Archaeological Science.” It will be included in Volume 42, February 2014.

The Abstract begins:

“European exploration of New Zealand and the wider South Pacific is traditionally considered to have commenced with the documented voyages of Dutch explorer Abel Tasman in A.D. 1642 and British Captain James Cook in A.D. 1769, with no direct evidence of activity during the intervening years. Here, we report on the discovery of a shipwreck on the west coast of Northland in northern New Zealand that likely occurred during that interval….”

To read the full abstract or purchase the article, please click here to go to the Sciencedirect website.

Mystery at Midge Bay Documentary Winston Cowie

Mystery at Midge Bay Documentary - Discovering New Zealand's earliest Shipwreck

 Waikaretu Marae, Pouto, support our “Mystery at Midge Bay” documentary.

After a nearly twelve month consultation process, Waikaretu Marae of the Te Uri o Hau hapu, located at spectacular Pouto at the entrance of the Kaipara Harbour, Northland, New Zealand, have sent a letter of support to film makers Winston Cowie and David Sims for their feature documentary entitled:

• “Mystery at Midge Bay – Discovering New Zealand’s earliest shipwreck.”

Mystery at Midge Bay investigates the theory that the Spanish or Portuguese might have been the first Europeans to discover New Zealand, before the Dutchman Abel Tasman in 1642.

Waikaretu Marae, Pouto, write:

“On behalf of the Trustees of Pouto Waikaretu Marae and with having numerous discussions with the whanau of Pouto Waikaretu marae, we the Trustees have unanimously agreed to the viewing for this film to be aired on TV. ”

“To have a letter of support from Waikaretu Marae for this documentary is fantastic and a real indication of the integrity and wairua that David Sims and I have shown throughout the investigation and making of our production.

The korero with Waikaretu in respect of our documentary was a very special cultural experience, one that I will remember for the rest of my days, as will David Sims, and my father Mike who was also present. The marae is a fantastic instititution well run by the Wakaretu Trustees; it is an ahi kaa to be proud of. We felt very welcome there and we are very grateful to Pouto kaumatua, Paki Pomare-Kena, and trustees Tahu Kena and Liza Rimene for taking the time to talk with us,” says Cowie.

Kaumatua Paki Pomare-Kena and Trustee Tahu Kena, Waikaretu Marae, Pouto.

Kaumatua Paki Pomare-Kena and Trustee Tahu Kena, Waikaretu Marae, Pouto.

TVNZ are currently assessing whether to acquire the documentary. Cowie comments:

“I think that we have shown in the past week, with the accepting of our academic paper by the Journal of Archaeological Science, and the support of Waikaretu Marae for our documentary, that we have gone through the process scientifically and the right cultural way. I hope TVNZ will agree and will share this important story, which changes our discovery paradigm, with the rest of New Zealand.”

Dubai 7s

A massive well done to the Abu Dhabi Harlequins ‘1’ side, for placing Runner Up in the Cup of recent Dubai 7s, and also the Abu Dhabi Harlequins ‘A’ side who made the Cup semi-final. It was an absolute pleasure to co-manage the Harlequins ‘A’ team with Irish hard man Phil Brady and see a bunch of gents play out of their skin, exceeding everyones expectations. Well done to team captains and club legends Ed Lewsey, Tom Calnan and Patrick Hegarty for playing superb rugby and setting such a good example.

Abu Dhabi Harlequins 'A.' Dubai 7s. 2013

Abu Dhabi Harlequins 'A.' Dubai 7s. 2013

Greenstone Trail by Winston Cowie

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Ti hei mauri ora,


Winston Cowie