New Zealand Underwater Heritage Group Annual General Meeting

The New Zealand Underwater Heritage Group Inc. is a non-profit group with a primary interest in shipwrecks and the maritime heritage lost beneath NZ seas or under the sands of our coasts.

Our interests centre not only on shipwrecks but also many other items of underwater heritage that are not necessary in the sea.
Members are based throughout the country and their activities are directed towards: research, investigation, recovery and conservation of submerged cultural resources.

Our goals are, through using appropriate archaeological methods and modern technology, to reveal the history of our lost maritime heritage and to preserve this for our future generations to study and enjoy. Results of many of our members’ efforts are on display in a number of NZ museums or recorded in numerous publications, books and visual media.

A monthly Newsletter keeps members informed of projects, activities and what is happening in the world of maritime archaeology. Members are encouraged to join together and to participate in many exciting projects – the romance of finding a shipwreck permits one to experience first hand, tangible history into how we once travelled, lived and how the lives of those on board were changed for ever – there is even the possibility of a discovery that will change New Zealand recorded history.

The New Zealand Underwater Heritage is having the 2012 AGM on Saturday 13th October…….

Presentations include:


Historical investigator Winston Cowie summarizes the investigation on possible “other” early European explorers to New Zealand shores, with a focus on New Zealand’s North-West coast and the possibility of an early Portuguese shipwreck buried beneath the sands…….

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(Winston Cowie)

13 October 2012

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