Fiction Addiction: How to make a fortune from self-publishing

Before you click “upload” on that self-published e-book, certain you’re about to become the next EL James, consider this: half of all indy authors earn less than $US500 ($NZ630) a year for their efforts.

But there are simple ways to boost your chances of making a fortune, according to a survey of 1007 self-published writers for an American website………

……Of course, rule number three – getting a track record with a conventional publisher first – is a bit of a chicken and egg argument, as Whangaparaoa historical writer Winston Cowie has discovered with his debut New Zealand historical novel, A Flame Flickers in the Darkness.

Winston, a former lawyer and Oxford graduate, initially followed the conventional route. He sent the manuscript to about seven New Zealand-based publishers. “Some replied, others didn’t. The feedback I got was that the New Zealand book market was very depressed and no publisher was willing to take a risk on a new author. The advice I got was self-publish it and if it goes well they may take it on.”……………

For the full article (written by Bronwyn Sell from the New Zealand Herald on 27 July 2012), please follow this link.

You can get your own copy of A Flame Flickers in the Darkness by Winston Cowie, a New Zealand historical fiction novel or book based on the New Zealand Wars or Maori Wars or New Zealand Land Wars of the 1860s, from Whitcoulls, independent bookstores an online on PublishMe and Fishpond.

And…for those in London watching the Olympics – how good has it been! We have been glued to the box over here in NZ – super super congrats to all the NZ medallists and competitors – you have all been incredibly inspiring and made us Kiwis super proud!

And….I managed to get out boating recently – not too far off the mainland and some friends came to play. ;) Come on NZ!

Recent New Zealand Boating Trip. (c) Winston Cowie A Flame Flickers in the Darkness

Dolphins from a recent Winnie fishing trip



(Winston Cowie)